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About Trilogy Home Healthcare

What we do

 With collaborative leadership experience expanding over 100 years combined, we pride ourselves on providing the same skill, compassion, and customer service that we would for our own family members by putting patients’ needs first and evoking substantial time and resources to ensure that patients receive the highest quality of medical care, so their experience with Trilogy is a positive one.


Why we do it

 We KNEW that we could create an environment in which patients feel comfortable, cared for, and treated with the dignity and the respect they deserve. We KNEW that we could provide a place of employment for compassionate like-minded people, where they feel valued and affected by the difference that they are making in the lives of others. We KNEW that we could give back and impact the local community. We KNEW we could make a difference!



What we value

 Relationships are at the core of everything we do. Building relationships with patients, colleagues, community partners, and each other has laid the foundation for our success. From the top-down, we believe that leadership comes through effective relationships, not a hierarchical chain of command. We value and believe in the power of a smile. 



How we work

 Collaboration, camaraderie, and collective hard work without egos or pretense are essential. There is no job too big or too small for any qualified person within our organization to do. We pride ourselves on being dedicated to the patients we serve and the success of each other. 


How we celebrate

 Nearly every company says that they “work hard and play hard,” but we genuinely do. From team lunches, office bingo, dress-up days, dance off’s, interoffice competitions, potlucks, after hours, team-building exercises to community service projects; FUN is what we strive to bring to the workplace. Each and every day, we try to elicit a smile, inside and outside the office.


Who should join us

 Individuals who strive to be the reason someone smiles, who appreciate a fun and collaborative work environment, have a desire to grow personally or professionally, value intra-personal relationships, and want to make an impact on others.




Be the reason someone smiles- Dale C.


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